ME:   I moved to North Carolina from Somers, NY in the late nineties. New York was always an inspiration for creativity. Our home was 45 minutes from NYC in Westchester County. When visiting NYC, which I did often, I was mesmerized by the fashion, diversity of people, and architecture. I remember wishing I had a camera almost all the time. I enjoy portrait photography most and I especially love when I can tell a story with a photo.

After moving to North Carolina, I was signed by a modeling agency and spent a couple awkward years on the wrong side of the camera. My comfort zone is definitely behind the camera! As uncomfortable as my modeling days were, I learned a great deal about the industry and commercial photography. I'm grateful for how it enhances my work today.

MY STYLE:  I consider myself a contemporary photographer with a journalistic edge. Color and natural light are extremely important to me. In shooting portraits and headshots my goal is to capture authentic images while paying close attention to your "good side". I love editing in Photoshop but I'm conscious of over editing.